Monday, July 9, 2018

Upcoming Power Rangers releases from Funko!

Back in April we posted about Power Ranger Funko Pops that are coming down the pipeline, but Funko just released pictures of their upcoming releases on their blog.

First are the originally rumored helmetless versions of the Original Mighty Morphin Team.

Next up are the villains including Lord Zedd, Goldar, Rita Repulsa along with Pumpkin Rapper and Pudgy Pig who are both GameStop Exclusives. Note that Lord Zedd and Rita will also be available in a 2-pack that will be exclusive to Books-A-Million.

Next up is the Target Exclusive Ultrazord

The Hot Topic Exclusive White Tigerzord

The Power Morphicon 2018 Exclusive Black and Gold Dino Megazord

The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Glow in the Dark Megazord

Lastly Funko is also continuing their Awesome HeroWorld line with Lord Zedd and Goldar.

These awesome collectibles will be hitting shelves around August 2018.

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