Friday, February 16, 2018

BREAKING: Hasbro Becomes Master Toy License Holder for Power Rangers

BREAKING: Hasbro Rumor confirmed.

After Saban and Bandai of America announced they were parting ways yesterday. rumors began circulating over potential Toy Manufacturers to take over including Hasbro.

Announced at New York Toy Fair 2018 today, Hasbro has been named the new holder of the Master Toy License for Saban’s Power Rangers. The new deal begins Spring 2019 just as Saban’s current deal with Bandai of America comes to an end.

Among many other toy lines including Transformers, Nerf, and My Little Pony, Hasbro is known for their “Marvel Legends” and “Star Wars Black Series” figures that like Bandai’s current Legacy line are aimed at collectors.

Bandai has held the master license for Power Rangers for the past 25 years and the brand has become synonymous with Power Rangers. It will be interesting to see what Hasbro will do with the license.

Pros: Hasbro does the Transformers line so we can’t think of a better toy line to produce Megazords. We could also be seeing Power Rangers receive a line of figures similar to the Marvel Legends & Star Wars Black Series.

Cons: This could mean the end of the Power Rangers Imaginext line. Hasbro produces a line of figures similar to Imaginext with the Playskool Heroes line and it is very unlikely that Hasbro will allow a competitor to produce a line of figures they could be producing.

Only time will tell.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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