Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NEW BOOK!: "Alien Encounters In Angel Grove"

Have you ever wanted an official Monster Guide for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
We've got you covered!

The 224-page paperback is written by Gabriel Cooper, published by Penguin Random House and will retail at $14.99 with a release in June 2018 which is just in time for Power Morphicon!
Readers to learn about the incredible and crazy monsters that invaded Angel Grove in the 1990's.

From Amazon:
"Take a trip across the cosmos with this comprehensive guide to every alien invasion in Power Rangers history. From notoriously nefarious villains like Rita Repulsa to goofball goons like Pumpkin Rapper, discover a world of monsters, mutants, beasts, and baddies in this collectible book for fans of all ages."
Pre-Order Here (Hardcover)

Pre-Order Here (Paperback)

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