Friday, September 15, 2017

Lord Drakkon Coins for Legacy Morpher | Starlight Studios

If you're familiar with the Boom Studios Power Ranger Comic series or if you play Power Rangers Legacy Wars you probably know who EXACTLY who Lord Drakkon is.

If you're a fan and want something to represent him in your collection here's your shot at having his Power Coin.

They're made by Starlight Studios and they do AMAZING work. I got a chance to hold the coins and look at them up close and the detail is truly phenomenal.

The best part of all? They went on sale today! (details below)

But first look how awesome they look!

 D.j. Rivers (Starlight Studios / Power Rangers Traders, Buyers, and Sellers)

Jimmy Arias (Angel Grove Radio)

 Darrel J. Delfin (That Hashtag Show / Voice Actor)

Danny Carlos Castellanos (We the Geeks of East L.A.)

  • Price(s): $29 Each, 2 for $50
  • Official eBay Store
  • Available in Legacy Weathered & Classic Gold
  • Fits: Legacy Morpher Line

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